Analytics and ROI

We setup and install analytics the right way for your site. Your are using robust analytics on your site...right?

Google Analytics and other similar software allows you to easily track and measure performance. If you don't measure your various online marketing efforts, how will you know if you are improving your bottom line ROI?

PPC Click Tracking

Click tracking allows you to see if a campaign or a specific ad is working. You need to measure not only your paid PPC clicks but also your email and newsletter clicks as well.

Conversion Tracking

Ideally, you need to be able to not only track your click-throughs to your site, but be able to track a visitor all the way to your sales page. Both Conversion Tracking and Goals should be setup in Google Analytics.

Ensure your tracking works - you need to determine your best-converting keywords.

Best Practices

  • Keep Search & Content in separate campaigns.
  • Create ad-specific, dedicated landing pages - don't point everything to your home page.
  • Use tracking URL parameters at the end your ads.
  • Make sure analytics code is inserted everywhere - each page, LP, newsletter.