Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your site ranked in the search engines

Search engine optimization or SEO is used to improve your "organic" or "natural" website ranking in the major search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is one of the most cost-effective long-term strategies to increase web traffic to your site.

SEO Services

Typical services include the following:

  • Keyword research, analysis and selection for your market
  • Content creation and rewriting as needed (with your input)
  • Optimization of HTML source code components
  • Optimization of internal linking
  • External linking-building campaigns (the most important)

Keyword Research (the foundation)

Keyword research, analysis and selection is the foundation of any Internet marketing strategy, whether for search engine optimization, link-building strategies, pay-per-click campaigns, URL naming, or for good site conversion. If your website content emphasizes the wrong keyword phrases, you may be driving the wrong traffic to your site (no sales) or receive little traffic.

On-Page SEO

Your search engine optimization strategy will involve modifications to your site HTML code, text content, links and other components. Every page of your website needs to be optimized as each page can be an entry point for visitors from a search engine or other site. Think of your website as a set of stand-alone web pages that are tied together by a common theme. The home (index) page of your website is generally the most important but this is not always the case.

Good SEO ranking results for existing sites can kick in 30-60 days after the site has been optimized, although 9-18 months is more typical for new websites in a competitive industry.

Good rankings from SEO can last awhile - but not forever as the Web is always growing and changing (as are the search engines). The most successful sites are constantly evolving and are actively managing their SEO strategy in terms of page content.

Off-Page SEO (link-building)

Websites that target highly-competitive keywords or are in a national or global market require a long-term, comprehensive link-building campaign. Websites which compete in geographically-localized or small niche markets can often rank well by optimizing the site and submitting the site to a couple dozen quality search directories.

Creating and maintaining a long-term linking strategy for your market (and based on your competition) is one of the most effective ways of generating and diversifying web traffic over the long term, improving search engine rankings, and building relationships with other businesses. Individually, each link may not generate much traffic, but over time, in the aggregate, the traffic may exceed that from the search engines.

We do not use spam emails to request links or contact link farms, Free-For-All (FFA) sites or "bad" sites which could cause problems with the search engines. Our method takes more time, but is well worth it. We DO NOT outsource link-building to other countries.