Consulting Services

We realize that that no one size fits all when it comes to your Internet marketing and website promotion strategy. As such we offer private consultations and custom analyses to help you achieve online business success.

Website Audit

Successful websites receive lots of visitors who end up as satisfied, repeat customers. As such, an effective online strategy is required. This starts with an assessment and analysis of different elements of your Website, with recommendations that are custom-tailored to your business.

This invaluable report can often pay for itself after a single sale or lead. This comprehensive report evaluates critical areas of your site, including the following:

Site Usability - How well can visitors navigate through your web site? How well is your site organized Do you make it easy for your visitors to find the information they need, with a minimum number of clicks? Many sites are visually stunning, but have either little relevant content, have pages that take forever to download or don't work in a particular web browser, or simply don't make it easy to contact you or what action to take. Lastly, average page download time are also measured.

Site Content - We'll review your site's text to determine if it is relevant, compelling and properly emphasizes your relevant keywords. How well is your page content organized? Carefully written text is a main component to boosting your search engine ranking AND to attracting and retaining qualified visitors to your site.

Site Architecture - Can search engine spiders crawl your entire site? This can be a problem for web sites that use Flash on their home page, use dynamic pages to display product content, or contain multiple nested folders. Many sites are only partially indexed by the search engines because their architecture makes it impossible for search engines to find or read through.

Source Code - Many sites contain "code bloat" or very "messy" code that makes it more difficult for search engines to read your web pages. In addition, web pages may also contain spam-like components that can raise "red flags" with the search engines place greater. We'll identify areas where your HTML needs to changed to increase your chances of ranking well in the search engines.

This comprehensive audit can pay for itself after a single lead or sale. All critical areas of your site are evaluated, including site usability, site content, site architecture, link-building sources, and source code.

Keyword Research & Brainstorming

Do you know the best and most important search terms (keywords) to target for your website? Target the wrong keyword phrases and all your other online marketing efforts will be pretty ineffective. Based on research for your industry, your target market, and your geographic range, we will perform a detailed analysis to identify the most popular and best targeted keywords (and with the least competition) for use on your site.

Studies have shown that most businesses do not really know the actual search phrases that visitors are using to find sites like theirs. Instead, businesses mistakenly believe that industry jargon and other "insider" terms are best to use. Think like your customer, not like yourselves.

Specifically, this report will list the primary and secondary keyword phrases that best describe those products, services, or information available on your website. In addition, we will also report on other words that are frequently used with these terms. Our reports typically include at least 100 keyword phrases and often more.

The report also lists the "popularity" of each keyword phrase, an estimate of the amount of traffic you can expect to receive from a top ten listing, and the comparative "competitiveness" of each keyword. In addition, for your best 20 search terms, we assess how difficult it will be to obtain a top ten ranking in the major search engines.

Backlink Audit

Without an effective link-building campaign, your optimized website may still lag behind better-established competitor sites. Link building in reality is "business building" as you are obtaining links from other online business owners that provide products and services complementary to your own.

High-quality incoming links that will boost your site's traffic and search engine rankings. This audit includes a list of all websites that link to you, your competitors and other sites like yours. This is especially important after the Google Penguin updates.