SEO Rankings

  Client 1st-Page SEO Rankings

Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These three search engines drive 98% of all natural search engine traffic in the U.S. Google accounts for ~65% of all search traffic in the U.S (Bing is ~20% and Yahoo is ~13%). That is why it is critical that you focus your search engine optimization and marketing efforts on Google first.

Some SEO companies try to get high rankings in all three engines simultaneously. However, this may result in a lesser ranking on Google. So do the math, you want as high a ranking as possible on Google, often even if it is at the expense of Bing and Yahoo. This is particularly true if you are selling business products and services due to the demographics of each search engine.

We specialize in getting you high rankings in Google for your most relevant and important search phrases (keywords). Google is the hardest engine to rank well for, but the results to your bottom line are well worth it! Here is a sampling of the 1st-page Google rankings we have achieved for our clients. Many of these keyword terms are quite competitive as well. Many firms do not share this data, we feel it is important to provide you this information to help you evaluate SEO firms. Virtuall all of these rankings have maintained for many YEARS, and span the gamut of local, regional, national, and global market reach.

Search Phrase

Google SEO Ranking

observatories   (GoAstronomy) 2 (very competitive)
planetariums   (GoAstronomy) 3 (very competitive)
astronomy clubs   (GoAstronomy) 2 (very competitive)
executive diversity   (Executive Diversity Services) 1 (very competitive)
house plans   (HousePlanGuys aka HousePlans) 1 (extremely competitive)
rohs   (RoHSGuide) 3 (very competitive)
sarbanes oxley   (SarbanesOxley101) 9 (very competitive)
castle weddings   (Thornewood Castle) 3 (very competitive)
knitting machines   (Yarn-Store) 1 (very competitive)
wireless remote control   (RCT) 4 (very competitive)
boots on ground   (BootsOnGround) 4 (competitive)
washington wineries   (GoTasteWine) 2 (competitive)
washington wine tours   (GoTasteWine) 3 (competitive)
washington wine tasting   (GoTasteWine) 1
seattle liposuction   (LaBelleVie Cosmetic Surgery) 8 (competitive)
seattle wineries   (GoTasteWine) 2
seattle addiction counseling   (Downtown Seattle Counseling) 2 (competitive)
seattle gay counseling   (Gay Lesbian Seattle Counseling) 2
seattle corporate retreat   (Thornewood Castle) 1 (competitive)
seattle destination wedding   (Thornewood Castle) 1
seattle naturopathic physicans   (Northwest Natural Health) 2
seattle wine storage   (Wine Storage Bellevue) 4
bellevue lasik   (Bellevue LASIK) 1 (competitive)
bellevue massage   (Yuan Spa) 9 (competitive)
bellevue self storage   (Stor-House) 3 (competitive)
kirkland massage   (Oriental Retreat) 8
redmond cpa   (Stephen Nelson) 5
redmond printing   (DT Print) 9
redmond massage   (Victoria Spa) 8
woodinville veterinarians   (Cottage Lake Veterinary) 4
woodinville wineries   (GoTasteWine) 3
walla walla wineries   (GoTasteWine) 3