Blue Moose Web

Satisfaction Guarantee

The following applies to all of our client projects:

1) We guarantee we will only follow best practices and offer you our best judgements.
2) We guarantee we will tell you what to expect from our efforts.
3) We guarantee we will perform in a professional and timely manner.

We begin every website project with a discussion of your current situation, your goals, and your timeline. We will examine your existing materials to assess what improvements are necessary. Where appropriate, we will provide you with options for flexible budgeting and scheduling.

SEO Services

Some SEO optimization companies will "guarantee" search engine rankings or placement, make boastful claims, or rely upon tactics that do more harm than good.

FACT: There is no way to guarantee a particular ranking, for any length of time, for any search term, in the major search engines.

The only ways to directly manipulate your ranking at search engines like Google are paid placement and deceptive practices. Paid placement does not affect your ranking in search engines, rather it determines your location relative to other advertisers in a "Sponsored Listings" area of a search results page

1) We will only take on your project if we believe that we can make a significant difference in your search engine ranking and resulting traffic.

2) We will not use practices intended to deceive search engines. Such practices work, if at all, for short periods of time, and can eventually result in the banning, penalization, or removal of a site from search engine directories.

About #1 Guarantees

We Always Aim for #1, But...While we guarantee we will do our best to achieve a Top 10 ranking for your most important keywords, there are several factors beyond our control to guarantee this. Even if achieved, there can be no guarantee how long such a ranking would remain.

Read the Fine Print. Some businesses offer such a guarantee - make sure you read their Terms and Conditions fine print carefully to see what conditions apply, how long you have to sign up for, and which keywords the guarantee will apply for.