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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Google and Bing search engine results listings can significantly impact the way the public perceives an individual or business. Yet there is no vetted way to stop negative publicity from getting submitted online, especially from competitors, disgruntled employees, and nuisance customers. And to make matters worse, the most visible sites on which most negative listings are found are themselves aggressively pursuing SEO methods to maintain their high rankings. Why? Because they are monetized with ad clicks - they make money on your misfortune.

The goal of any reputation management campaign is to outrank and push down the negative content currently displayed on the first page of Google to the second or third page, where many people don't search on.

This is done by creating new Web 2.0 articles, mini-sites, blogs and press relases that contain your name or company and then employing SEO techniques to get those web profiles and listings to rank.

This however is usually a lengthy and time-consuming process as the most common sites to have negative listings, like and, can be difficult to dislodge from their positions in Google.